Sin - What is it? Part 2

This is the second part of a short series on defining sin and learning about the answer to it. Here was Part 1.)

How You Have Sinned

This means that every time in your life when you told a lie or said something false about someone, you sinned. Every time you disrespected your parents or refused to obey them as a child, you sinned. Every time you gave your whole heart and soul to something while neglecting obedience to God’s Word, you sinned. Every time you spoke of God in vain or lived in a way that would dishonor His name, you sinned. (See Exodus 20:3-17).

Sinful Desires

Sin includes corrupt attitudes and desires of the heart (Genesis 6:5; Mark 7:21). To covet, desiring something that belongs to another person, is sin. To lust, desiring sexual pleasure with someone outside of marriage, is adultery in the heart. Hatred and unjust anger are considered murder (Matthew 5:22; 1John 3:15). Sin says, “My way is better than God’s way. I will do what I want... whatever pleases myself.” Rather than saying, “The things that I want must be governed by God’s Word, or they are not right at all.” As Jesus prayed to His Father, “nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done” (Luke 22:42).

Sin is Against God

God considers sin to be enmity against Himself (Romans 8:7). Which means that if you sin, God is your enemy and you are His enemy (Isaiah 33:14; Romans 5:10). Sin is rebellion (1 Samuel 15:23). It is an unwillingness to submit to what the Creator has revealed in His Word. It is a form of self-righteousness, thinking it is justified in doing what God hates.
Lying to Yourself
Sin is deceptive, ensnaring and will lead you astray (Proverbs 5:22,23). It makes you lie to yourself, telling yourself that you are not really that bad. It is a deadly form of pride which stubbornly refuses to be corrected or rebuked. Sin will make you blame anyone except yourself, saying, “It was her fault... his mistake... their problem... not mine!” But it is your problem!

Causing Harm

Sin makes you love what you should hate and hate what you should love. It will rob you and others of everything truly good in life and will poison every relationship. Sin causes people to fight and quarrel and kill. It is a warfare of pleasures battling within you (James 4:1). It is deceptive, destructive and disastrous. In fact, all the suffering we experience in this world began with Adam and Eve’s original sin in the garden (Genesis chapter 3; Romans 5:12).

God is Holy and Just

Because God is perfectly holy and just, He cannot allow sin to go unpunished. Therefore God has promised one day to judge the world with righteousness (Psalm 98:9).

(To be continued...)


Anonymous said...

first and foremost,top down rule is sin. any other violation is decided by the top. and at the top are the religious devils sitting in moses seat.

that's in short, what the bible is trying to HINT to you.if you are part or this religious order, you are living in SIN

Penn Tomassetti said...


Not sure what you are trying to say?
Would you like to explain.